E21, E22 Error Code, Tumble Dryer Pump Fault AEG, Electrolux, Zanussi Etc

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This video will help you understand the fault and show you how to replace your pump or float switch.

These error codes are normally related to a Tumble Dryer Pump Fault E21, E22 Error Codes are listed below.


If these fault codes apply to your Tumble dryer it should have a fascia panel on it like one of those shown below, there are four known variants covering quite literally hundreds of different models sold in the UK and across the EU.

Tumble Dryer facial panel types

Tumble Dryer facial panel types


These error codes are for ENVo6 Cuirct boards tumble dryer  Electrolux, AEG, Arthur Martin, Elektro Helios, Eureka, Faure, Frigidaire, Gibson Appliance, Husqvarna, Kelvinator, Marijnen, Parkinson Cowan, Progress, Simpson, Tornado, Tricity Bendix, Volta, Westinghouse, Zanker, Zanussi & Zoppas.


Canister fill pump triac faulty.

Possible fault Wiring faulty; Electronic board faulty. Cycle interrupted. OFF


Triac “sensing” circuit for the canister fill pump faulty

Possible fault Electronic board faulty. Cycle interrupted. Machine Status/Action

11 Responses to “E21, E22 Error Code, Tumble Dryer Pump Fault AEG, Electrolux, Zanussi Etc”

  1. peter heath says : Reply

    GREAT website YOU HAVE MY FULL SUPPORT I will certainly purchase spares from your site should I need any in the future, as you know good repair information for white goods is impossible to find out there. yours is the only one I could find.
    Ever considered putting a DVD out covering all this really good tech info ?
    Kind Regards Pete

  2. Jillian Turkington says : Reply

    I have an Whirlpool condenser tumble dryer with an E22 code flashing could you please advise

    Many thanks

  3. Kayleigh Button says : Reply

    My hoover
    Tumble is blowing cold air out and it’s flashing e21

  4. Georgie says : Reply

    My hoover dynamic next tumble dryer is flashing Eel could you please help?

  5. Georgie says : Reply

    Sorry that was meant to say flashing E22

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