Whirlpool tumble dryer 6th sense error code how to clear

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This video will show you how to clear tumble dryer 6th sense error code


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If your whirlpool tumble dryer has stopped working and you have an error code which is usually due to some type of fault then this short video will show you how to clear the fault it can also be used on these makes Bauknecht, Laden & Maytag on some models.

To remove the condenser tumble dryer pump unit you need to do the following.

You need to use the dial of the appliance like a clock turn the knob to the of position then

  • 1st Turn the dial to six o’clock which normally does not have any markings on it.
  • 2nd Press the start button 3 times.
  • 3rd Turn dial to next position Normally on most models this is “airing” which is at 7 o’clock.
  • 4th Press the start button 3 times.

The fault should have now cleared (I have heard that on some models they have to be pressed 4 times but i have not seen this for myself yet)

The first thing you should do is clean filters, and any vent tubes of any fluff if it is a condenser dryer then you will need to empty water tank and thoroughly clean the condenser unit.

If the error code/fault reoccurs then you have a fault on the dryer and will need to find out what is wrong, you can see our new videos on whirlpool tumble dryer faults on heater, thermostats, Ntc’s sensors, the motor and capacitor, how to replace the belt, cleaning pump unit and replacing, plus many more also check our FAQ’s for more help

Whirlpool models this covers AZB 6370, AZB 6571, AZB 6670, AZB 7470, AZB 7570, AZB 7571, AZB 7670, AZB 7780, AZB 8470, AZB 8570, AZB 8572, AZB 8574, AZB 8575, AZB 8576, AZB 8671, AZB 8680, AZB 8681, AZB 8780, AZB 9472, AZB 9473, AZB 9570, AZB 9571, AZB 9670, AZB 9671, AZB 9680, AZB 9681, AZB 9682, AZB 9683, AZB 9750, AZB 9770, AZB 9780/1, AZB 9780, AZB6570, AZB7570, AZB7575, AZB7670, AZB8570, AZB8670, AZB8673, AZB8675, AZB8780, AZB9670, AZB9770, AZB9772, AZB9780, AZB9782, AZB9783

The workshop manual i’m sorry this in mostly in italian as we have not found english version

22 Responses to “Whirlpool tumble dryer 6th sense error code how to clear”

  1. donna says : Reply

    My tumble dryer has stopped working when i turn it on all the lights come on ive cleaned it all out and still nothing any help would be appreciated thsnks

  2. steve says : Reply

    help needed please red light fault cleared but keeps returning after 30 seconds of running new belt and condenser cleaned

  3. steve says : Reply

    mod is axb9750 whirlpool

  4. Henrik says : Reply

    Hi! Do you know what faulty cod f07 means?

  5. sam says : Reply

    Hello Paul, we do face this issue too, we have a whirlpool dryer 6th sense azb7670, error code F04 appears, we do run through your procedure, then, it disappear but comes back upon restarting the dryer machine, any help please?

    Thanks you very much.


  6. Nouf says : Reply

    my Whirlpool tumble dryer 6th sense the same one you use in your videos makes a burnt smell when turning it on also it had all sign light on but i cleared that error using your video but the smell is still there, any ideas?

  7. Chris says : Reply

    hello, my Whirlpool Luna A/6 has stopped working in the middle of a cycle, no lights are blinking no lights are on, the filter is clean.
    ive tried the reset you showed in the video clip but it didnt work, i tried unplugging and replugging stil nothing. its like there is no power going true but the electricity is ok. i have opened up the back to look for a fuse but i canot find any.

  8. Natalie says : Reply

    My tumble dryer has been sitting in my kitchen unused for months. Your video resolved the issue. Thank you. No more hanging on radiators.

  9. Deborah says : Reply

    Hi, my phillips whirlpool aza 9790 6th sense aircare tumble dryer wont start ….. have tried everything we can think off . All t he lights are on so it’s got power, it just wont start ! Any ideas please ??? ……. thanks in anticipation x

    • robi says : Reply

      Deborah, could you solve your problem?
      I have same diagnose on my whirpool azb 6370 ?
      Everthing seem OK, but when I press start have tho short beeps and nothing hapen?
      Could anyone sugest what to to, PLEASE?
      Tnx, Robi

  10. Adrian says : Reply

    Many thanks for the info! After several tries we were able to clear the error code. Incidentally, my model (AZB 8680) was one of the ones where you do have to press the start button 4 times. 🙂

  11. Steven says : Reply

    Hi i have a whirlpool 6th sense dryer. Model number azb 9788. Have error code f06 showing which have been told is a pcb fault. Could you tell me if this is correct. Also on the motor where it has the 2 spinning fans at either end the larger of the 2 wobbles and makes a noise. Is it possible to order these 2 parts, if it is the pcb also. And also how do i order and what is the cost. Many thanks and great tutorials.

  12. Gus says : Reply

    Thankyou, fantastic, had to do it more than once, 5 times I think, but it worked. Gus

  13. Egill says : Reply

    I cleared the error on my 6570 but it comes back again after 30 seconds. I have cleaned filters and water tank. What more can I do?

  14. Allen cook says : Reply

    Hello I have a whirlpool 6th sense dryer , AZB7670 and the f07 fail code has come up. I cleared it like you showed but it comes back. I need help to find out what to test or replace. Thanks

  15. motor care says : Reply

    how do i clear code erroe f04 on a tumble dryer model AZB8680

  16. EFSTATHIOS FLEVARIS says : Reply

    Good day,
    I am trying to reset my Whirpool dryer
    AZA-HP 9781
    8575 978 26020
    the filter light is blinking doesn’t recognize
    that the external filter is in

    Any Ideas ?

    Thank u

  17. Danny says : Reply

    Hello i have a 6th sense azb9030. Error code f06 can you help?

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