Whirlpool tumble dryer 6th sense error code how to clear

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This video will show you how to clear tumble dryer 6th sense error code


If your whirlpool tumble dryer has stopped working and you have an error code which is usually due to some type of fault then this short video will show you how to clear the fault it can also be used on these makes Bauknecht, Laden & Maytag on some models.

To remove the condenser tumble dryer pump unit you need to do the following.

You need to use the dial of the appliance like a clock turn the knob to the of position then

  • 1st Turn the dial to six o’clock which normally does not have any markings on it.
  • 2nd Press the start button 3 times.
  • 3rd Turn dial to next position Normally on most models this is “airing” which is at 7 o’clock.
  • 4th Press the start button 3 times.

The fault should have now cleared (I have heard that on some models they have to be pressed 4 times but i have not seen this for myself yet)

The first thing you should do is clean filters, and any vent tubes of any fluff if it is a condenser dryer then you will need to empty water tank and thoroughly clean the condenser unit.

If the error code/fault reoccurs then you have a fault on the dryer and will need to find out what is wrong, you can see our new videos on whirlpool tumble dryer faults on heater, thermostats, Ntc’s sensors, the motor and capacitor, how to replace the belt, cleaning pump unit and replacing, plus many more also check our FAQ’s for more help

Whirlpool models this covers AZB 6370, AZB 6571, AZB 6670, AZB 7470, AZB 7570, AZB 7571, AZB 7670, AZB 7780, AZB 8470, AZB 8570, AZB 8572, AZB 8574, AZB 8575, AZB 8576, AZB 8671, AZB 8680, AZB 8681, AZB 8780, AZB 9472, AZB 9473, AZB 9570, AZB 9571, AZB 9670, AZB 9671, AZB 9680, AZB 9681, AZB 9682, AZB 9683, AZB 9750, AZB 9770, AZB 9780/1, AZB 9780, AZB6570, AZB7570, AZB7575, AZB7670, AZB8570, AZB8670, AZB8673, AZB8675, AZB8780, AZB9670, AZB9770, AZB9772, AZB9780, AZB9782, AZB9783

The workshop manual i’m sorry this in mostly in italian as we have not found english version

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