Tumble Dryer Not Turning, How To Replace Capacitor Whirlpool Etc

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Tumble Dryer Not Turning! How to Replace Capacitor on Whirlpool, Bauknecht, Laden, Maytag


If you have an error code coming up on your 6th sense Whirlpool, Bauknecht or Laden Tumble Dryer there is a fault with the appliance, you will need to find out what the problem is. In this tutorial i will show you how to test the motor and show you how a quick way to see if the capacitor is not working.

6th sense Tumble Dryer Whirlpool, Bauknecht, Laden & Maytag.

Take the 6th sense tumble dryer lid of and check that the belt is firmly on the drum (if not see our other video on this)

The first think you will need to do on any of these tests is make sure the error code is cleared first.

Now turn the tumble dryer on to a cold air cycle and press start. You will hear a low humming noise with no drum action and the appliance might show an error fault after a minute or so. (On condenser tumble dryers you might also hear the pump unit running this is normal) the humming noise that you hear is the motor trying to start but as the capacitor is not working it cannot give the motor the initial shunt it needs to start turning.

Now to test manually that the motor capacitor is not working, run this test again but this time when you first here the humming noise try pushing the drum in a clockwise rotation, if the drum starts turning correctly then this is a good sign that it has failed. You will now need to strip the appliance down and check the capacitor; you will need a multi-meter that is capable to test capacitors.

Please take note! 

Tumble Dryer capacitor can be dangerous. It can hold an electrical charge indefinitely even when not connected to a power source. Never touch the terminals of a capacitor until you have discharged it. Never assume a capacitor has already been discharged (Even the New Ones!). Because of the capacitors ability to store energy, it is dangerous even when disconnected from a power source. In order to handle it safely, it must first be discharged.

Clearing error code

Clearing error code

capacitor being discharged

capacitor being discharged

Replace Capacitor With Patern

Replace Capacitor With Patern

Replacing Capacitor 12.5 uf or 10 uf, 8 uf, 6.3uf these have all been fitted to different whirlpool made  tumble dryers

Replacing Capacitor 12.5 uf or 10 uf, 8 uf, 6.3uf these have all been fitted to different whirlpool made tumble dryers

The workshop manual

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