Replace or service a condenser tumble dryer pump unit

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This video will show you how to replace or service a condenser tumble dryer pump

To remove the condenser tumble dryer pump unit you need to do the following.

The 6th sense Whirlpool, Bauknecht, Laden & Maytag condenser tumble dryers dry the cloths by heating them, then the evaporated water is collected on the condenser plate the water drains down to a well, from there the float switch is activated when the water gets to a level the motor then pumps the water to the collection tank which then you manually empty.

  • To remove the pump unit you need to do the following.
  • Remove the lid and back cover plate also the right hand panel looking from the back.
  • Disconnect the wiring that goes to the pump unit.
  • Remove the pump cover and undue the clips that hold the pump in place.
  • Disconnect the earth wire and unclip wiring from casing.
  • Now the pump is removed you will be able to test float switch and also the pump motor with a multi-meter. See video for more help.
  • It is possible to unblock the pump of any fibbers that are wrapped around the motor shaft behind the impeller.


The principal on how a condenser dryer works

A condenser dryer is "self-condensing unit" meaning that the moisture removed from the clothing during the drying process were the heater warms the air, the air flows over the condenser plate and is condensed back into water it is either drained to the house drainage system or collected in a container, it is then pumped to a reservoir which has to be manually emptied.

The workshop manual i’m sorry this in mostly in italian as we have not found english version

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