Fix a Leaking Washing Machine Soap Dispenser Draw box Hotpoint Indesit

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This video will show you how to replace a washing machine soap draw fill hose and find the leak. This video Can be used on Ariston Indesit Hotpoint and whirlpool manufactured machines.
Finding a leak on your washing machine is a daunting task especially when the cabinet is welded together. I will show you how to find the leak, some techniques for understanding where the water is coming from, and also how to replace the fill hose on this Hotpoint manufactured machine



Repairing a washing machine soap dispenser box is not a hard job, they end up leaking because of calcium build-up due to hard water or buildup of old soap powder.
Striping down the soapbox and leaving it to soak in a strong solution of the descaler will remove 90% of all the limescale, mold, and other residues 

Remove the Washing Machine Soap Dispenser Draw box

Remove soap dispenser draw box

Remove Washing Machine facial panel

take apart the washing machine soap dispenser draw box and clean and descale

Remove water valves and take of wiring

Glue the two halves together and reassemble and test for leaks

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