Fix Blomberg WAF 7320A washing machine with faulty capacitors

by / Tuesday, 29 November 2016 / Published in Repair Guides

Fix Blomberg WAF 7320A washing machine with faulty capacitors


Electrolitic capacitor



Sometimes intermittent problems or flashing lights on the control panel are caused by faulty capacitors. This Blomberg WAF7320A washing machine was powering of when the drum would start rotate and turn on again after a few moments only to repeat the same thing. Experience led us to suspect the capacitors on the printed circuit board (PCB) and sure enough that was the problem. As you can se from the picture above, one of the capacitors has blown the top of and was therefore not storing electricity correctly, so when the machine required that extra power it would overwhelm the circuitry. When a capacitor goes bad, neighbouring capacitor have gone as well or are about to go. In this case we measured the other two big capacitors next to it, and they had already reading way to far apart from their specifications, we ended up changed the 3 capacitors and the machine is now as good as new.


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