How to remove mold & smells from washing machines, Guaranteed!

This video will show you how to remove mold grime and bad smells from washing machines.  This video will prolong the life of your washing machine and save you money.

Removing mold and grime from a washing machine has never been so easy this video will show you the full process of sanitizing your washing machine not only making it look like new around the door seal area, but removing all the grime from inside the drum which you cannot normally see, When you have a large amount of bacteria inside your washing machine this makes mold much quicker, mold is a fungus and is much more active in these types of environment.

Common cause which may lead to your washer tripping the electrics

The main reason mold and bacteria buildup in the washing machine is because so many people shut the door straight away after a wash,  you should always leave the washing machine door ajar after every wash,  with modern machines using less water and energy to do the wash this means that the amount of water going into the machine is nowhere near the amount on older machines,  this is much more environmentally friendly but what the manufacturers forget to tell you is that you should always do a boil wash at least once a month, This will allow the water to absorb all the remaining grime that is coated around the inside of the drum it would also reduce any chance of bacteria building up and therefore stop mould becoming active. It is also a good idea to remove the Soap drawer on a regular basis and give it a good clean with bleach inside all the compartments.  I know this video is a long video but it does show you the full process of what needs to be done.

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