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How to replace and test Beko washing machine element and Ntc sensor

How To Replace Beko washing machine elements and NTC sensors Beko Washing Machine Spare Parts   Beko made washing machines elements and NTC sensors are quite easy to fit and on a lot of models the control board will tell you when something is wrong. How to test and replace Beko washing machine elements and

How to fit the new element and thermostat to this Bosch, Neff or Siemens washing machine.

How to fit Washing Machine element and thermostat on Bosch, Neff or Siemens. Washing Machine Heater Element & Thermostat We are going to show you how to fit the new element and thermostat to this Bosch, Neff, Siemens or Balay washing machine this process should be pretty similar to your make and model of front

Fix Blomberg WAF 7320A washing machine with faulty capacitors

Electrolitic capacitor Sometimes intermittent problems or flashing lights on the control panel are caused by faulty capacitors. This Blomberg WAF7320A washing machine was powering of when the drum would start rotate and turn on again after a few moments only to repeat the same thing. Experience led us to suspect the capacitors on the printed circuit board

How to remove a washing machine sump hose and filter to clear blockages

How to clear a blokage in a washing machine cleaning sump hose   Washing Machine spare parts   We have made 3 videos on clearing blockages in washing machines, this one will show you how to clear the sump hose and filter, the other videos below will show you how to clear a pump and

How to open Washing machine Filter that is stuck or Jammed

Washing machine Filter stuck or just wont open, How to remove coins screws and bra wires etc also how to service the pump   Washing Machine Pump Filters   If you have a washing machine pump filter is jammed or stuck and you can’t open it do not force it. This video will show you how

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Hoover HBWD8514 Washing Machine Tumble Dryer Heating system fault

Hi good afternoon I am looking for parts for my washer dryer it is made by Hoover HBWD 8514DAC-80 31800310 I am having problems with the tumble dryer heater and I suspect it may be Heating Element or one of the sensors

Aeg L76685NWD washing machine Dryer not heating

the problem is the dryer comes on however no power to the dryer element at all . It runs cold. All thermostats reading ok – changed main pcb , humidity probe and temp probe – no blockages . Any ideas Pnc: 914605818 00

Beko Wtg741m1b washing machine Stuck nail in the drum

Hi I have a stuck nail between the front of the drums. I have removed the heating element as per you video but as it is head up has not fallen through. I have tried a magnet between the drums but it is not reaching it. Any suggestions please.

Zanussi ZKH7146J washing machine Err73 on drying cycle

Hi, i have a dryer fault and I followed your youtube video Without luck. I wonder if you can advise please ?
This error is n ER73 NTC thermistor fault on the drying duct. I replaced this (Lefthand side) and the lower washer One without success.
The machine intially doesn’t get the drum warm on cottons or synthetics and the time runs down too fast. A second run usually works.
I tested the condenser thermostats ontop of the heating element and the heating element and these are all good.
In frustration I found a replacement white Dryer PCB but again no luck and Err73 persists.
I am out of ideas. As it does get hot I think8ng relay rather than sensor ?
Any help appreciated

Hotpoint WML730 Aruarius washing machine drum problem

Hi Paul
Thanks for your email with your web site details. I am about to purchase from your site the front rubber drum seal.
But I notice that the drum itself is warped when you turn the drum it seems to come close to the rubber on one side I think this is the cause of the rubber seal damage in the first place and makes the drum stop moving. but if turn the drum anti-clockwise it fine the gaps OK
I find your video very good to watch am please that I find you online.
My last concern is the Heating Element, watching the video makes it look simple but I try to remove the heating element it will not comes out at all. I tryed everything pulling,
I think the rubber around the heating element is what is causing the problem.
Sorry, Misses is driving me bad.

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