Part 1 Fridge warm freezer cold how to find the fault and repair

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Part 1 find the fault with fridge freezer using our data logger

Finding the faults with fridge freezers has never been so easy since we built the fridge freezer data analyser and logger.

You will be able to see the data live as it happening and it will record the data on to a graph for months if needed. These units allow you to see what’s happening on refrigeration so you can analyse the faults before you start working on the appliance and you can use them in any location with Wi-Fi just connect them to the router and view the graphs on the web.

As you will see in this set of 3 videos we use the graph data to help find the fault, then in the second video we do the repair and in the last video you will see how we were able to use the graph data to see what was not working in the fridge freezer, also you will be able to check after the repair was done that all components were working correctly and the fridge freezer was cycling correctly.

our Fridge freezer data loggers

  1. record the room temperature.
  2. record the fridge  temperature.
  3. record the freezer  temperature.
  4. record the wattage (amperage) so you can see when the motor (compressor) is running or defrost element etc.
  5. transmits and record data to graph for months at a time if need.
  6. connect to any location with wi-fi so you can veiw data any where with web access in the world.
  7. can have alarms built in to send you text warnings that a unit is too warm or too cold.

If you need more info on our system please contact us

Possible fault with thermal fuse

possible fault with Ntc sensor


possible fault with defrost heater elements


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  1. Jimmy Fairley says : Reply

    Your fridge freezer data analyser and logger you used in this video. What is the name brand model? Who sell the fridge freezer data analyser and logger?

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