Samsung washing machine error code 4E and E1 Fault Not filling in Allocated Time

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Samsung Washing Machine 4E and E1 Fault Not filling in Allocated Time

This tutorial will show you how to identify a filling fault on Samsung washing machines the error code are 4E and E1 on early models.


Samsung washing machine Not filling in allocated time error code 4E and E1 Fault
This is essentially a fill timeout error which will normally mean that either the water isn't on or that an inlet valve has failed or pressure switch problem check pipes as well.
Water fill time out:
The washing machine has failed to fill with water in a reasonable time.

If there is no higher change in water frequency than 100Hz for 2 minutes during the initial time of water supply and if water level doesn't reach the preset level in 10 minutes, this error will occur.
This error will be released using Start/Pause button, the washing machine will restart and attempt to fill with water again.

  • Check water supply is on, clear and not frozen
  • Check the air chamber and pressure sensor hose for blockages and check the pipes for any holes
  • Check water inlet valve
  • Check wiring to water inlet valve
  • Check connections to water inlet valve
  • Check the main control PCB

Before doing any work on the appliance, disconnect it from the electric supply!

  1. The machine will be displaying the error 4E and E1. 
  2. Check the mains water is coming to the machine at the correct pressure.
  3. Check the filter on the water valves.
  4. Check the inlet water valves by doing a continuity test on them See our video on how valves work. 
  5. Check the wiring coming from Pcb and pressure switch and also check connections.
  6. Strip down the machine to to clean pressure bowl and pipes that run to the pressure switch.
  7. reasemble the washing machine and put it through a rinse cycle to test the machine. If all is ok problem is fixed

Samsung washing machine 4E error code fault on display Samsung washing machine 4E error code, check inlet valves

Samsung washing machine 4E error fault, check pressure switch Samsung washing machine 4E error fault check pipes

13 Responses to “Samsung washing machine error code 4E and E1 Fault Not filling in Allocated Time”

  1. Mahir says : Reply


    Many thanks for the video and instructions. I have a Samsung washing machine (WF80F5E5U4W/EU), which I believe to be a later model to the one in your video. I am also getting the 4E error message. I followed the simple instructions (clean water mesh, check water pressure and for any kinks in the pipe) and noticed no problems. When I put my machine on the Rinse + Spin cycle, It seems to work with no issues and the water fills up like normal. However, on any wash cycles, I get the 4e error message. Could you please advise?

    Kind regards

  2. mahdi says : Reply

    how are you?
    I’m a repair washing from Iran
    I wanted to ask you that you can help me regarding repairs washing

  3. Sizwe says : Reply

    Hello… I have replaced to solonoid on my Samsung washing machine and the error code (4E)is still there I’ve tried checking the vacuum pipes and they are still good
    Please help, the washing machine is just 2 years old

  4. mahdi says : Reply

    hi engineer
    Paul Charmbury
    I think that these errors are related to the water inlet and vacuum valve
    is it correct?

  5. Sizwe says : Reply

    Yes,the previous inlet solonoid had melted a little,the machine drains water but doesn’t put in

  6. Nazae says : Reply

    My washing mishine dairact going rinse and error E1

  7. Jennifer Jones says : Reply

    I am receiving 4E code on initial fill I can pour a few buckets of water in and then it starts to fill with no problem and no problem on rinse. any ideas on how to fix problem on initial fill?

  8. RA says : Reply

    I kept getting the 4E error code for several weeks. I did everything to try and fix it and could not figure out he problem. Finally found the issue, the small rubber pipe from the pressure switch had the smallest hole. This was causing the 4E error code. If nothing else works, check the small rubber pipe, remove it completely and check for holes. Mine was caused from the rubbing when the machine spun. Best of luck!

  9. Dana says : Reply

    Hi, my washing machine is WF-B861. Everything was just perfect, machine finished the cycle and when I set it on rinse and spin again it got to 8 minutes and then got stuck. The drum is rotating but nothing happens. There is no error code on the display. I turned it off and set it again on 15 minutes on rinse and spin and again the same thing happened, when it got to 8 minutes it just keep rotating but it just can’t move forward.

  10. Chad lewis says : Reply

    Hello, thanks for the video. I have replaced both water inlet valves. I get the 4E error code every time it gets to the final rinse cycle. It will not even start to dispense water to the softener Tray in diagnostics. What’s going on here?

  11. Antonio Sequeira says : Reply

    I your videos are great, however I had also one those problemas 4E and none of those were the problema but the painel, I used a new one now ok, however now on old one what would be be common problem?
    Tony sequeira

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