Electriq EQDWTTGF Compact Dishwasher

hi paul, I had electriq eqdwttgf portable dishwasher fitted in motorhome used it about 10 times last weekend failed to clean properly, found it was not heating water up. no fault code but d runs full program duration. purchased Aug. last year. supplier not helpful. any ideas please. same version as the cookology you show online.

Kapas KPSXWJ01 Countertop Dishwasher

I left for in-laws for a day, left the Kapas KPSXWJ01 countertop dishwasher on to go while I was gone. When I came back, after it had been running for more than 24 hours, it was steadily beeping and displaying an E3 error code. I checked the manual – it stated this is caused by “overflow”, and that I should tip the machine back at an angle and let the water drain out of it as much as I can. After doing this for some time, as well as trying my luck at taking it apart, the tilting seemingly fixed the issue for a moment – but while running it, the error reappeared momentarily before going away again. I ran a cycle with no issue and have another going just to double check.

I’d be interested in seeing your take on it – while the model is similar to the Midea one in your video and guide, it is not the absolute same. There are other models which are much more similar and which seem to have actual support from a brand named HAVA. I’ve reached out to them and I’m waiting to see what they might say about it. If you can find any information about how to prevent the issue, I’d love to know. Thanks.

Hotpoint FDPF481G Dishwasher

Hi After watching your tutorial I have the exact same issue thanks to your tutorial. I was able to locate the fault in the same manner as you show.
I have also got the exact same Hotpoint fdpf481g Dishwasher which I have removed the pump and heater.
Please could you let me know where I could purchase the same pump and heater you show in your tutorial
Many thanks Peter

Midea WQP4-2605 Countertop Dishwasher

I have midea wqp4-2605
Countertop dishwasher
This left door hinge is rusted and wont move, eventually it broke off

Can you help me find the right parts i need?
In the image i see the hinge is made of two parts but in the machine it looks as one hinge
If you need image just let me know i will send right away.

Bosch SMS4HAW40G Dishwasher

Hi I have a Bosch SMS4HAW40G and it’s saying on the app water detected and machine has stop , I understand the workings of the hose and as in a plumber that hose can’t be the problem because if the hose was split it would stop straight away , this seems to be at the end of a program possibly with 5 or ten minutes left on the cycle , it says e61 I think in the display , I reboot the machine and it’s still there , but if I unplug the machine pull it out and raise the back it clears itself , would appreciate any advice ty

Comfee CSC17P2AWW Dishwasher

The wash pump has stopped working on my Comfee CSC17P2AWW dishwasher. I saw your “Midea Full video on workshop manual”, which is about the kind of dishwasher I have. I was not able to find a link to download the manual on your website. Could you please tell me how I can download it?
John Woosley

Hotpoint FDYB 11011 P Dishwasher

Hello. My Hotpoint FDYB 11011 P dishwasher lights up “Low Rinse Aid indicator light” before the start. Then it starts filling water and spinning the fins. After about 30 seconds it starts pumping the water and the cycle stops. At the same time, the two salt lights and low Rinse Aid indicator light.

Indesit DIF 041B UK integrated dishwasher

Hi, our Indesit DIF 041B UK integrated dishwasher, fills, washes, drops the tablet, gets warm and then drains but when it’s drained it continues to try and drain and then all the lights come on and the power button flashes. Any ideas?

Hotpoint LBT4B019 Integrated Dishwasher

Hello Paul i hope you are well and had a good w end 🙂

Just an update on the Hotpoint LBT4B019 integrated dishwasher. I took it apart at the w end and all seemed to check out ok. The heating element had good continuity and read 32 ohnms. The motor had a resistance reading of 32 ohms which i thought was ok as it has a mass of coil windings.

The motor when taken off the heater and cleaned i found that the impeller shaft had a lot of play in it as though the housing bearing had collapsed but im not sure if this is how it should. When the motor was together and i spun it it spun freely well spun free for half a turn then went tight and seemed notchy ( like a spring was being released) but i think this may be how the motor works with the magnets around it?

i took out the spray arms and the spray arm feeders,cleaned them and found no real blockage.
I cleaned out the return hose that again didnt seem to bad.
i removed the inlet water pipe and checked the filters in the hose and the machine inlet filter but they were fine.
i checked the pressure switch (the rubber hose that goes from the switch, up the side of the machine and attaches to the base of the sump. I blew through this rubber hose when disconnected and it was clear. I tested the contacts in the switch (open circuit at rest, when i blew through the switch there was continity)

im not sure where to go now other than buy a new machine as the cost of repair is really not worth it with the cost of a nearly new machine and then something else may fault with the repaired machine.

Do you have any advice of where could go and check or what to check?

i havent taken out the clear bottle at the side of the machine as that means the whole side coming off which i dnt mind doing.

i will attach a image of the machine what it shows when it faults.

I can not find any information about what this sequence of lights mean when they illuminate and the machine stops

The power light flashes very fast and the eco light (led 1) and the normal wash cycle (led 3) illuminate straight and stay on constantly (they do not flash)

My owners manuel doesnt show any meaning to this and no where on the internet shows a hotpoint with these lights showing and then an explanation.

I know you said that the info on hotpoint can be a bit hit and miss.

If i try 5 times to run a cycle it will fail 4 times but work on the 5 and perform with no faults

kind regards

matt miller

Comfee CSC17P2AWW Dishwasher

I purchased a similar product to Comfee’ CDC17P0ABB dishwasher on Amazon Canada. I am unsure of the parts to order for an E1 code. The machine gets the error near the end of the cycle. The machine is sold by Costway in the US.
All filters are clean.
Thanks for your help,
Cheryl Mills