Cooker Oven fan motor is not working or spinning correctly slow or is noisy

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This video is part six of the top ten faults on cookers and ovens. it will show you how to Troubleshoot faults and diagnose problems in your oven. It will lead you to the correct video and part that might need replacing. This video deals with the fan motor is not working or spinning correctly slow or is noisy, in this video, we will look at

  1. Faulty fan motor bearing 
  2. Faulty motor windings 
  3. Fan motor blade catching fan guard or element

Cooker Oven fan is not working or spinning correctly slow or is noisy: Common Faults to look for.

    • Oven Fan Motors
      Fan motors are fitted to all fan-assisted ovens with fan oven elements and also ovens with base elements and grill, Although the energy source does not come from around the fan motor blade the fan motor is used to circulate the air therefore more reliable and consistent cooking results.
    • What Controls The Fan Motor
      If you were finding that your element is not getting the correct voltage there may be a power problem coming from either the Selector switch or the thermostat. It is important to note that the procedure for turning the oven on and off should always be the 1: Selector switch should be turned first 2: then the thermostat. When it comes to turning the oven off this should be done in reverse.
    • Rpm of the motors
      Although the wattage of the Motors do vary from cooker to cooker most fan ovens are running at about 1200 RPM with the exception of some cookers that use dual fan motors or very large blade systems which may have a lower RPM.
    • Motor Bearing and motor windings
      The main faults with these types, are the motor bearings are usually made from a brass alloy like Phosphor bronze, This is due to the fact that the cooker runs at very high temperatures and this is a better material than the normal conventional bearing the problem being they can wear out because of friction and also they can clog up with fat which will cause the motor to become weak, in my experience it is not worth trying to clean them as they do not last long,
      A common sign of the bearings becoming faulty is the motor fan blade will start running slower, you may also end up with a rattling sound coming from the shaft. I have also seen many fan blades corrode badly due to the excess use of cleaning materials.
    • Buy a new replacement Fan Oven Motor
      It is very important when buying a new fan motor for your cooker that you make sure that it states that it fits your model of cooker, not just the model that is written on the manual you will need the full model number of the identification plate. It is also worth Removing the old fan motor and comparing the old one to the new one before purchasing. If by any chance your cooker or oven has a discontinued fan motor it is possible to replace it with a universal fan motor. it is a little bit more complicated but as long as you are good at DIY there is usually no problem and there are always videos to assist you.

Hear are the fitting instuctioins on one type of Universal Cooker Oven Fan Motor

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    I have a zannussi ZCV66060XE
    The cooling fan is on constantly
    Can you help
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