Hoover or Candy Smart touch tumble dryer not heating, element fault or thermostat E05, E08, E21

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Watch the video it will explain the fault and show you how to diagnose the problem and rectify it

This video will show you How to repair your Tumble dryer we are working on a Candy CSEV9DF or Hoover HLEV9LF Vented Tumble Dryer but the video is similar to other models.


It is very important when working on these tumble dryers that you keep the screws in order for some unknown reason the manufacturer has decided to use 7/8 different types of screws, They are not only different thread types but they are different lengths as well so it is very important to organize yourself when stripping down the Machine. 
The video is quite long but I do go through the whole procedure of how to take the side panel off and the rear of the machine to gain access to the heater the thermostats and the NTC sensor I will be showing you the full wiring diagram and what to look out for when diagnosing the faults with these dryers. the problem is with a lot of manufacturers nowadays, they do not give you the detailed information that you need  to repair the tumble dryer, an example would be the NTC sensor you need to understand the values at certain temperatures to make sure that it's working correctly I do explain this in the video in-depth.


this is an example of what a manufacturer should give an engineer it shows the resistance of the NTC sensor at a temperature of 20 degrees 60 degrees and 80 degrees, so when you're using your multimeter you are able to understand what is happening with the NTC sensor, and you can easily find out if this part would be faulty


behind the front panel of the tumble dryer you have hey cycling thermostat or cut out and also the NTC sensor these are very difficult to get at but the video will show you the complete procedure for dismantling the Machine

the one on the left of the heater is a cut-out thermostat this means that when it exceeds the design temperature it will go open circuit and stay open circuit this is a non-resettable thermostat, the one on the right is the cycling thermostat this will cut in and cut out at a pre-designed temperature,

The heating element connection plugs are very hard to get at you have to actually dismantle the whole tumble dryer to gain access to the side panel behind this this is the connection plug

31102325 - CSE V9DF-80 wiring

the wiring diagram on some of these tumble dryers is not very well explained they do not put the operating values of the temperature sensors or the thermostats or cut-out stats.

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