Hoover Candy Tumble dryer all lights flashing error fault code

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Hoover Candy Tumble dryer all lights flashing error fault code

This video will explain how the error codes may be displayed on your Hoover or Candy tumble dryer and some Maytag, Helkama, Kelvinator, Otsein, Teka, Terzismo, Zerowatt models. We will explain what they might mean, there is a list of videos below that will help you with each individual repair showing you how to diagnose the faults how to replace the faulty parts . Always remember you can submit a comment or question below and we will try to point you in the right direction.

These fault codes for tumble dryers including both normally vented and condenser tumble dryers and may be used on other Candy made tumble dryer models.

These error codes do not relate to all tumble dryers as some have different circuit boards fitted. If you are unsure please ask

Before you start any investigation of the fault or even remove the lid of your tumble dryer please watch our videos and fully understand them in full and pay particular attention to the safety and information notices

Please remember to support our site by buying spare parts from our store and, if you decide we really heled you can always share the site with friends.

There are loads of video below to help you repair your tumble dryer condenser or vented and they will help you with all these makes Hoover or Candy tumble dryer and some Maytag, Helkama, Kelvinator, Otsein, Teka, Terzismo, Zerowatt models.

101 Responses to “Hoover Candy Tumble dryer all lights flashing error fault code”

  1. Gemma SCUTT says : Reply

    Hi my hoover tumble dryer has code e22 all lights flashing and beeping. Any ideas please

  2. Sumaya says : Reply

    Error 21

  3. Rebecca Widdall says : Reply

    Hoover tumble dryer DXC9TCEB-80 got a error code E21 only had it for 3months

  4. Nick Heer says : Reply

    h ii have a candy grand vita tumble dryer and its coming up with E14 code on display
    however its tripping my electricity any ideas of what it could be or what to check for


  5. Roxy says : Reply

    I have the same issue error 21 please advised, very frustrating not had this dryer very long.

    Kind regards.

  6. michelle sharrock says : Reply

    My hoover dryer keeps flashing error 22

  7. Patrick McIntyre says : Reply

    I hope you and your family are well! Your videos are are well made, thank you!
    My Hotpoint tumble dryer Aquarius TCL780 has all the lights flashing. I am an electrician and have checked all the heating circuits and all is well. I have not checked the circuit board however. The videos mention a possible relay fault is quite common, so that will be my next target. Can you please tell me what other things I should be looking out for. I am currently not working at the moment due to poor health and money is tight; so any advice would be gratefully appreciated.
    Best wishes,


  8. Jenny Vitty says : Reply

    My candy tumble dryer is displaying e21
    Model no. CSC8DF-80
    Havent had it long

  9. Laura Marshall says : Reply

    Hi there

    My Candy CS C10LF-80 will switch on but after it starts up all the lights in the display flash and the dryer stops working. Nothing can stop these lights flashing. Please help!

  10. Declan Healy says : Reply

    Hi, My Candy Grand O Vita condenser tumble
    dryer (model: GVS C10DE-80) is giving error E21. I have cleaned the condenser and left it dry and also left the machine unplugged for ages. I could not find a service manual online . I have an electrical background so I have no problem checking stuff. I just need to know what to check and where it is located inside the dryer. The dryer is 13 months old. Thank you. Declan

  11. Valerie Grobler says : Reply

    Good day,

    The Condenser light comes on after I’ve emptied the condenser.
    When I do start the tumble dryer, after a while the condenser light comes on and the tumble dryer stop.
    I’ve followed the procedure to remove the condenser.
    Please advice, or send a technician number. The machine was bought from Makro in Brakpan during the month of July/August 2020.
    I do need your assistance asap.
    Kind Regards

    Valerie Grobler
    Gold Reef Retirement Village
    26 Lower Road
    Unit 88
    Sunair Park

  12. Reuben says : Reply


    Candy Grand Vitara dryer errors code EO5 – keeps tripping electricity too. Any ideas?


  13. Darren says : Reply

    Hello I’ve go a hoover 9k Dynamic next timber dryer I’ve got an error code E22 just wanted to know if you could help . Model number DX C9DG-8 N. 3110087217350797. G 0000. hopefully you can help many thanks

  14. Vicky says : Reply

    E22 what does this mean please.

  15. Andrew Wright says : Reply

    Hoover VTC5911NB-80 all lights flashing and beeping.

  16. Nicola Willis says : Reply

    Hi my Candy Grand condenser tumble dryer stops working after a short time & all lights are flashing.
    It sounds from reading comments that this is a very common problem!
    Is it easy to fix please?
    Many thanks.

  17. Karen says : Reply

    Hi, I have error E21 and all flashing lights, and I don’t think it’s heating as well, I have hoover dynamic Next, 9kg model DXC9DG-80

  18. kyle showers says : Reply

    Hi Paul, we have a candy grand comfort tumble dryer gcc591nb manual,been in good working order for around 5 years, yesterday suddenly all the lights are flashing and beeping, no heat inside the drum, tried cleaning vents and emptying water what else could we try. Thanks.

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