How to replace a Cooker hood extractor halogen lamp bulb G4 12v 20 watt light

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This video will show you how to replace a cooker hood extractor light halogen bulb G4 12 volt 20 watt out of a light fitting. This is quite an easy job!

If you are having a problem with the lights then you need to inspect the bulbs first this means you need to remove the fragile light glass covers, this will then give you access to the halogen bulbs. You should never touch a halogen bulb with your fingers always use some tissue to hold the bulb when fitting a new one these bulbs are G4 12 volt AC 20 watt maximum. always disconnect the cooker hood extractor from the electric supply before doing any work!

Always turn the power off before starting work

Remove glass cover from the Cooker hood extractor lamp bulb holder

Remove the bulb and test it also you can see the difference

line the pins up on your Cooker hood extractor lamp bulb G4 12v 20 watt when fitting

Test and replace cooker hood bulbs

  1. Remove the light cover by unclipping the glass retainer plate
  2. Remover faulty bulb
  3. Replace with a new one

you will need a small flat blade screwdriver to be able to prize the stainless steel rim away from the light fitting, be very careful when doing this as you may damage the glass!

at this point, you really want to disconnect the electricity supply as if you accidentally touch short anything with the fitting when removing the bulb you may cause a short and therefore do damage to either the circuit board all the transformer. Once you have disconnected the power. with your fingers slide the bulb backward away from the fitting and the two prongs that attach to the bulb will come out, you can check the bulb visibly making sure that the filament is attached to the bulb correctly or make sure the bulb is not black as these are clear signs that the bulb may have blown. Replace the bulb with a new one making sure that you do not touch the glass with your fingers. and also make sure it's clean before handling it, as any grease that may be on your fingers can cause the bulb to blow so I suggest using a piece of tissue when handling the bulb insert the bulb carefully into its location pushing only softly once it is fully inserted into the holder you are then able to reconnect the power and test the bulb before replacing the glass cover to the light fitting there are more detailed videos on diagnosing problems with your cooker hood in the cooker hood section at our website.


line the pins up on your Cooker hood extractor lamp bulb G4 12v 20 watt when fitting

clean & Replace glass cover

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