How To Test Cooker & Oven Elements Using OHM's Law Calculator?

Cooker Oven Guide: Testing Elements Using Ohm’s Law In this guide, we will show you how to use Ohm’s law to test elements in a variety of ways. You can use the resistance value in ohms to determine the wattage of an element, or you can use the wattage of the element to figure out

Gas Stovetop Cooker Hob Repair Guide In this repair guide, we will walk you through the dismantling of a gas burner top or hob and explain how each component works. The principles remain the same, whether you are using a bottle or natural gas and irrespective of whether the appliance is a countertop or freestanding.

Ignition System Repair Guide: Gas Stove Top Burner Not Lighting/Igniting If you’re finding that one or more igniters on your stove or gas worktop are not functioning properly and failing to ignite, despite the sound of gas flowing, this guide is for you. On the other hand, if the flame lights up immediately on some

Gas Stove Top Hob Burner Not Staying Lit Repair Guide If you’re having trouble with your gas oven or hob, where the flame ignites but goes out as soon as you release the knob, this guide will help you understand the problem and show you how to test for it. Normally, when you push and

This video is part seven of the top ten faults on cookers and ovens. it will show you how to Troubleshoot faults and diagnose problems in your oven. It will lead you to the correct video and part that might need replacing. This video deals with the Cooker or Oven overheats and burns everything, in this video, we will

There are two main systems that control your oven temperatureis the conventional type with a capillary tube attached which will be used in conjunction with a selector switch.The other is a pcb (printed circuit board) which uses an Ntc sensor in the oven to control the temperature via relays. This tutorial will show you how to replace a cooker

This cooker tutorial is on a Teka oven that is not heating up or tripping the electric supply (earth trip or Rcd on fuse board) or you are unable to get the oven to work, it can be used on free standing Teka cooker or built in cookers.  This cooker tutorial is on a Teka oven

  Oven selector switches that can be referred to as function switches or commutator switches they are the small switch that sits behind the control knob of your oven and switch between the various functions of your oven. the function switch is the component that allows you to switch between various functions – such as the grill,

    This video will show you how Cooker, Oven selector switch and thermostat regulator work.we will show you a step by step procedure on the process. We will also show you the cheapest places to buy your assemblies around this page. 

  This video will show you how to replace fit and change a Hotpoint EW74 Cooker Oven selector switch Regulator,we will show you a step by step procedure on the process.We will also show you the cheapest places to buy your oven cooker selector switch regulator for Hotpoint assemblies around this page. This video can be