Samsung Washing Machine DC Error Fault Code

by / Sunday, 18 April 2021 / Published in Door Locks & Switches

Samsung washing machine with error code DC this is a common fault which sometimes is mistaken for an imbalanced load  but on European and UK models this is usually the door interlock that is become faulty or possibly the door pecker unit or maybe the hinges slightly dropped stopping the door pin from locating correctly

Find Your Samsung Washing Machine Door lock

The Doorlock on this Samsung Eco Bubble washing machine our part number for this is 18184 which is DA34-00026A. this lock fits all the models listed below:

WD10N84GNOA, WD12J80400GW, WD12J8400GW, WD70J5410AW, WD70K5410OS, WD80J5410AW, WD80J5430AW, WD80J6400AW, WD80J6410AW, WD80J6410AX, WD80J6410AX/EU, WD80J6A00AW, WD80J6A10AW, WD80J6A10AX, WD80K5410OW, WD80K5410OX, WD80K5B10OW, WD80K5B10OX, WD8EK5400OW, WD90J6400AW, WD90J6410AW, WD90J6410AW/EU, WD90J6410AX, WD90J6A10AW, WD90J6A10AX, WD90J7400GW, WD90K5410OX, WD90K5B10OW, WD90K6400OW, WD90N642OOW, WD91J6A00AW, WW10H9600EW, WW10H9600EX, WW10M86DQOA, WW10M86DQOO, WW10N645RBX, WW12H8420EW, WW12H8420EX, WW12K8402OW, WW12K8412OW, WW12K8412OX, WW80H7410EW, WW80H7410EX, WW80J6400CW, WW80J6410CW, WW80J6410CX, WW80J6610CW, WW80K6210RW, WW80K6414QW, WW80K6414QX, WW80K6610QW, WW80K6610QW/EU, WW80K7605OW, WW80M645OPA, WW80M645OPW, WW80M645OPX, WW85H7410EX, WW90H7410EW, WW90J6410CW, WW90J6410CX, WW90J6413EW, WW90J6610CX, WW90K6410QX, WW90K6414QW, WW90K6414QX, WW90K6610QW, WW90K6610QX, WW90K7615OW, WW90K7615OX, WW90M645OPM, WW90M645OPO, WW90M645OPO/EU, WW90M645OPW, WW90M645OPX, WW90M740NOA,

5 Responses to “Samsung Washing Machine DC Error Fault Code”

  1. Anslem says : Reply

    Please I have a Samsung washing machine ecobubble 8 kg he has a problem of door lock showing the area code of DC please I need the door lock how will I be able to get it from you please if it’s possible WhatsApp me on +2348181 61 5837

  2. sunday says : Reply

    samsung wd85k5410ow/tc DC ERROR.. WHERE I CAN BUY THE MACHINE DOOR OF THIS MODEL samsung wd85k5410ow/tc THANX..IM FRM PHILLIPINES

  3. Jamie Hill says : Reply

    Hi, how do I buy part 18184?

  4. […] Samsung washing machine with error code DC this is a common fault which sometimes is mistaken for […]

  5. Katrina burrell says : Reply

    hi my machine is doing the code dc how do i go about getting it repaired

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