Samsung washing machine DE error code Door lock fault

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Samsung washing machine DE error code Door lock fault not activating in Allocated Time

This tutorial will show you how to identify a Door Interlock fault on Samsung washing machines the error code DE will normally show.


Samsung washing machine DE Error code means that the door is open or you may have a fault with the lock. if the door is clearly closed but the machine think it is open, presumably because it’s not getting power passed from the door interlock. see our videos on how door locks work

The first thing to check is that the door is closed properly. When the door is closed, the latch on the door pushes into the door interlock and slides a bar over, it should latch firmly and activate a part inside the lock. At this point the power is passed from one side of the door lock to the other and on to the rest of the machine.

Washing machine DE error, door detected as being open

  • Check door is closed correctly and latched.
  • Check door handle for damage or wear.
  • Check child safety if this feature is on the machine.
  • Check door lock if inoperative replace door lock.
  • Check door lock wiring for burnt connections

Before doing any work on the appliance, disconnect it from the electric supply!

  1. The machine will be displaying the error DE.
  2. Check the door is shutting correctly.
  3. Strip down the machine to get access to the door interlock. 
  4. Check wiring harness for signs of burnt connections or broken wires.
  5. Replace door lock is faulty.
  6. Reassemble the washing machine test the machine and make sure it starts. If all is ok problem is fixed





22 Responses to “Samsung washing machine DE error code Door lock fault”

  1. chandu says : Reply

    I have replaced with a new door switch, still give me an error with DE. Please help

  2. jimmy says : Reply

    I have changed the door look switched and the DE error code still persist. Pls assist.

  3. Marcus says : Reply

    What can be done if there are burnt terminals on the plug

  4. Keith Hudson says : Reply

    I have a Samsung WD1704RJE2 washer 3 years old. Once loaded and door shut I turn on the power button and nothing happens. I have found that if I leave it for anything between 2 and 10 minutes the power eventually comes on. I then select the wash and press the start button. Again nothing happens for a few minutes and then it starts. I have noticed that the red neon doorlock light goes on and off for a few minutes. Then everything starts and the was runs perfectly ok until completed. I don’t get any error codes displayed. Does this sound like a Door Interlock fault or something else?

  5. anne says : Reply

    All checks and door locked Is it because I used liquid detergent and not powder The liquid just runs out

  6. Tejal B says : Reply

    My Samsung front load washing machine is showing “door” error even though the door closes properly. What could be the problem and how to solve it? Thanks

  7. Prince says : Reply

    I have dE error even when the door is tightly closed. My samsung is top loader.
    How do I know where the magnet is? My model is WA90G9

  8. Shawn Kramer says : Reply

    Hi I replace the door lock mechanism twice I’ve replaced both control panels and it still shows the door is open and will not start I need some help I’m frustrated thank you

  9. Tshwaragano Madome says : Reply

    hello…my washing machine is showing a dE error even when the door is tightly closed. My samsung is top me out..

  10. Roberto Mata says : Reply

    My Samsung top loading washing machine Model #
    displays a “DE” error and frequently “UE” error also. Although I evened out the clothes it still wont spin and still displayed “UE”. Even if I removed all the clothes it still wont spin.

  11. waduge says : Reply

    SAMSUNG Washing machine model is WF0700NCW. I got the error ‘de’ then replaced new door interlock. But again same error showing.what has to do ?

  12. Libin says : Reply

    Samsung washing machine display no working?

  13. Libin says : Reply

    Samsung frient lode washing machine display no working?

  14. Christopher says : Reply

    Machine shows DE error. Can you help.

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