Beko WMB81445LW Washing Machine

Hi paul hope you are ok. I have beko wmb81445lw washing machine. I believe the motor has gone, do you have a second hand one available?



Bosch WAW325H0GB/20 Washing Machine

Great videos thanks. I have a Bosch series 8 WAW325H0GB/20 washing machine. there was a leak and after removing the back panel i could see a piece of metal has pierced the sump hose. I have put a small clamp on it for now but need to order a new hose and not sure how different it is to remove the front panel. The slight difference is its all in one piece on the front.

Any ideas where on Bosch replacement parts I can get the number or is it worth just phoning them. I’m more concerned where this metal has come from its about 10cm long 2mm thick, spring or pipe re informing support. Any help I would really be grateful thank you.

Bosch WAX28M60GR Washing Machine

Hi paul hope you are ok. Could you please tell me how to enter service mode for bosch wax28m60gr washing machine?

Thank you

Samsung WW80K5410UW/EU Washing Machine

My Samsung WW80K5410UW/EU washing machine does not turn on and when you attempt to switch it on/off, it makes a noise but does not light up.

Hotpoint Ariston AQD1070D Washing Machine

I have cleaned inside the hotpoint ariston aqd1070d washing machine and cleaned the rubber seal between the machine and the door for lint. Took out the filter at the bottom and washed it, added a cleaning tablet and ran the machine at 60 degrees. I have a picture of a plastic container inside the machine that looks dirty. But do not know how to dismantle it to take it out

Bosch WAN28080GB/26 Washing Machine

Hi paul, great video on bearing change. I have Bosch WAN28080GB/26 washing machine and also I’ve found the drum seal and bearing seal.

How do I buy the bearings please?

Thanks Barry

Bosch WAS28461GB/07 Washing Machine

Bosch WAS28461GB/07 washing machine gave error during wash cycle, door locked, switching off then selecting any option, drain, spin, etc, immediately gives E:57 error again. Tried resetting to no avail. Google searching suggests possible PCB Inverter circuit fault. Is it worth trying to repair? I recently fitted a new drum/door seal which will be wasted if machine written off.
Thanks for any help offered.

LG WM3770HWA Washing Machine

hi paul hope you are ok. lovely youtube channel must admit. I have lg wm3770hwa washing machine and recently it shocks me with the error code. it display de2 error code. what should I do? do I need to replace a part? if so do you sell?

Samsung WF80F5EOW4W Washing Machine

Brilliant videos!

My Samsung wf80f5e0w4w washing machine’s aluminium spider snapped like the one in your video. Scrapped now

Which makes don’t fail?

Beko WTL92151W Washing Machine

I have beko wtl92151w washing machine. I think the door lock mechanism is faulty since the machine tries to lock to start the cycle and then nothing happens. Do you provide a door lock for my machine?