Beko washing machine E08 not filling with water

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How to test E08 Error fault code on Beko made washing machines

Beko made washing machine not filling in the allocated period of time. this means that there is either no water going to the machine (the tap that supplies the machine may have calcified up, or there is no water supply). It is possible you have a kink water pipe at the back of the machine, this can happen when the machine has been pushed into location sometimes the pipe may get slightly kicked but over a period of time it shuts down the water supply to the Water valves. the water valve may be faulty, this also can occur when the solenoid burns out or the filter in the back of the valve gets dirty.

Sometimes the E08 fault does not show on the machine, you may need to go into either the diagnostic mode or the show error fault. These videos can be found below!

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Is your Beko Washing Machine displaying Error Code E08?

This tutorial will help on all Beko WTK72011 WTK74011 WTK82011 WTK84011 WTK94121 WTK10412 Series washing machines.

It will also help with all the brands that Beko manufacture for

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The test procedure for Beko washing machine error code E08

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