Beko Washing Machine Door Handle & Hinge Catch: how to replace

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In this video, I'll be showing you how to change a door hinge and door catch handle on a Beko washing machine. It can be used on a lot of brands listed below.

Beko wm washing machine door hinge and handle catch external type

Beko wmb washing machine door handle & hinge catch internal type


If your door hinge is broken or door handle is loose and you can't open the door it's likely the door handle is broken and it needs replacing. The most common part the door handle to break is the in a plastic molding, and this is usually due to excessive force being used to open the door when the door is locked shut.

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Safety first, always unplug an appliance before carrying out any work.

the first thing you will need to do is to peel back the door seal to give you access to the rear of the door hinge there is a retaining plate which you need to keep hold of while you are undoing the screws this will stop it falling inside.

Once you have removed the door you need to place it on a flat surface covered with a tea towel this will stop scratches appearing on the door frame,

 The next thing you will need to do is remove all the screws around the Frame, then using a thin screwdriver flat blade prize the two halves of the door apart.

This will now give you access to the door hinge,  and also the door handle,  the door hinge is pretty self-explanatory and can easily be replaced.

  the door handle and catch  will need to have the pin slid out  so this will come apart,  it is very important to this point  to make sure you have some good photographs of the way  washing machine door handle was assembled,  Slide the pin out  replace the door handle  and reassemble the machine  in the Reverse process

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  1. Robert says : Reply

    Hello, I need advice on how to dismantle the door in the washing machine and get to the door handle I will only add the inside of the door do not have any screws or screws? are there any latches? I need to replace the door handle but I do not know how to get in. I will be grateful advice.
    BEKO WX842430W

  2. Rajinder says : Reply

    How do you open the door as my handle has broke and the door is closed

  3. Dominic Brown says : Reply

    I need a replacement door handle for a Beko WM 74155 L W

  4. Harrison says : Reply

    How do we open door when handle is broken?

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