Creda CT33V Crusader Tumble Dryer

We have a creda ct33v crusader tumble dryer. Fuse and belt fine but doesn’t come on get no noise at all just completely dead. Can’t get top front panel off to check the timer or heat setting switch.

Beko DTKCE80021 Condenser Tumble Dryer

Hi Paul, Just bought you a drink, and thank you for your excellent YT videos.

I come to you in desperation, after spending over 8 hours, over 4 days, on phone with AO and Beko, re my 1 week old Beko DTKCE80021 tumble dryer. Unlike my old dryer, this is advertised as having a “End of cycle buzzer” which was my prime reason for buying it. However, after 8 or 9 tests, all I hear is a very very very very faint 1/2 a second ` beep`, after cycle, but before the anti wrinkle kicks in. The `beep`, can only be heard if knelt down in front of machine, approx 1 foot away. This ( in my opinion) can never ever be described as a `warning` or a `buzzer`. One guy at Beko actually said to me, “well it`s never going to sing you a song”. After the 8 hours of hell, with over 10 people, at 2 companies, you can imagine my reply.

So, I am back to square 1, AO don`t know what sound it should make, Beko quite obviously don`t know, So I was wondering if you knew. I understand it`s hard to describe a sound, but should it be the very faint `beep` i described ? should it be a buzzer ?? a Jingle ?? should it last 1/2 a second, should it only be audible from 1 foot away ? . Any help would be appreciated, as I am still trying to determine is it faulty , Have I been miss-sold? or just very very very poor design? Many thanks Paul, hope you can help.

Beko DTLCE81031W Tumble Dryer

I have a Beko dtlce81031w tumble dryer. I was cleaning the condenser plate with a hose and the aluminium piece fell away from the outer plastic piece. I tried to reattach but think I bent some of the fins in the process causing the leak. Am I able to correctly reattach this or should I just replace with new condenser plate assembly? If so, would you happen to have a used condenser plate to purchase. Thanks for any help. Cheers, Mike

Zanussi ZDH87A2PW Heat Pump Tumble Dryer

I have a Zanussi ZDH87A2PW heat pump tumble dryer that’s not turning on (no sounds or LEDs) I’ve checked fuse etc but wondered if there were any common faults ?

Beko DHR73431W Heat Pump Tumble Dryer

It looks like there is a black compressor with 3 rubber mounting/support bushes, after a while the bottom of compressor hits bracket on the bottom of the Beko DHR73431W heat pump tumble dryer. The bushes seem to have a large gap between the head/washer and the rubber mounts? Any help appreciated. I checked the fan as one of your videos suggested but they are good.
Kind regards

Beko DTLCE70051 Condenser Tumble Dryer

I have a Beko DTLCE70051 condenser dryer in my kitchen. After a couple of years use it now seems to let out a lot of condensation / wet air, seemingly from the back of the machine. Any idea what might be going on? Clothes still dry and the tank still fills up relatively normally.

White Knight C44A7S Tumble Dryer

What’s the likely cause of a slight squeaking noise on my White Knight C44A7S tumble dryer? Squeaks when the dryer is running and the drum is revolving?

Electrolux EDH3284PDW Heat Pump Tumble Dryer

Hi Paul. I have Electrolux EDH3284PDW tumble dryer. It shows e60 error code. Any tutorials or videos on how to install magnetic strip piece to machine?

Electrolux EDI9717OW Tumble Dryer

Hello Paul, I have a problem with my Electrolux EDI97170W tumble dryer. I can turn the machine on but the motor doesn’t work . The belt, the motor and the capacitor are ok but I don’t have a voltage on the motor. Do you have a wiring diagram? Could you please help me?

Candy GVS C9DCGB-80 Tumble Dryer

Watched your video online. Took the cover off the back of the Candy GVS C9DCGB-80 tumble dryer, disconnected the cables from the 2 thermostats and the one on the left hasn’t got continuity. I’m guessing that’s the issue?