How to service a Hoover Candy condenser tumble dryers

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Hoover Candy condenser tumble dryer servicing finding faults and diagnosing problems

Diagnostic Help

Hoover Candy Condenser tumble dryer are relatively easy for most people to fix if they are reasonably competent in DIY and working with electrical products as they really are rather simple appliances

This video can be used on Hover and Candy models of Condenser tumble dryer

Most Common Hoover Candy Tumble Dryer Error Codes and they’re meaning:

Hoover Candy Error Code What it means What to do
E3 Water tank full
  1. Empty water tank
  2. Check float switch or Pressure and its wiring
  3. check the electronic controller
 E4 Program selector faulty
  1. check the program selector
  2. check the control module
 E5  Front NTC sensor faulty
  • check NTC and wiring see our videos on this
 E6 MCU (main clontrol unit) faulty
  1. Reprogram the MCU
  2. Replace the MCU
 E7  Insufficient or restricted airflow
  1.  clean the filters and clean inside the dryer
  2. clear condenser on condensing models
  3. open tumble dryer and try to vacuum accumulated fluff inside
 E8  Thermal fuse faulty
  • check thermal fuse and wiring
 E9  Thermal cut out faulty
  • check thermal cut out and wiring
 E10 Tumble dryer empty

This error turns up when the temperature rises above 80ºC, usually means the tumble dryer is running empty or fluff build up

  • Check if you put the laundry inside the tumble dryer
 E14  Rear NTC faulty
  • Check rear NTC, wiring and connectors see videos
 E15 Heater relay faulty (condenser models)
  • check heater relay and wiring
  • check heater
 E15  Open front thermal overload cutout (vented models)
  • thermal overload cutout, wiring and connectors


Checking the felt and support wheels


Removing the door


Capacitor location


Drum shaft


We have done the whole Series all videos to assist you in diagnose the faults on your hoover or candy made condenser tumble dryer.

In this video repair manual I will show you how to find the faults and diagnose the problems like Belt, Fan, Bearing, Motor, Capacitor, Pressure Switch, float switch, drum, Wheel, ntc, sensor, thermostat, Thermal Limiter, Door Duct Seal, Filter, Water Container Valve, Condenser, it will help you replace parts.
this video and the ones below can be used on.
and some Maytag, Helkama, Kelvinator, Otsein, Teka, Terzismo, Zerowatt Models

Ntc sensors can be tested by using charts to measure resistance compared to the temperature see other videos on this.

Air flow temperature thermostat hidden Condenser tumble dryer cycling thermostat

There are loads of video below to help you repair your tumble dryer condenser or vented and they will help you with all these makes Hoover or Candy tumble dryer and some Maytag, Helkama, Kelvinator, Otsein, Teka, Terzismo, Zerowatt models.



Checking the themostats

Testing Cycling Thermostats

Testing Cycling Thermostats


Removing the fan blade


Testing ntc sensor


Checking float pressure switch


how the belt goes round the pulley wheel asembly


inspecting the Pcb printed circuit board


inspecting rear drum bearing

22 Responses to “How to service a Hoover Candy condenser tumble dryers”

  1. spence says : Reply

    Hi, my hoover 5325 model dryer is not turning if it has a load in it. it just hums. ive taken the back off it and if i help torn the drum, it starts. the belt seems ok and is still on the drum. And it is still heating. can you tell me the problem please.

    many thanks.

  2. Madge says : Reply

    The front felt came out when machine was on I tried to refit it but kept falling out so I ordered a new one and thought I could just stick the new one into the groove I managed to get it in but quite sticky n when I switched it on it wouldn’t turn so I took it out again and it’s working but I’m worried that I’m doing damage to the dryer. It’s a candy gbc590 condensor five years old.

  3. Terry says : Reply

    Hi i have a Hoover HD vision 8kg condenser Tumble dryer it makes a real loud bang and with it a sort of electrical burning smell,i can turn it off and restart it and it will produce some heat for a short time and then it will repeat the loud bang and smell,i cannot find anything on the internet that explains or matches my problem,i have of course now left the dryer off till i can find a solution as i fear a risk of fire,the bang is very loud scary even.
    Best Regards Terry!

  4. Piotr says : Reply


    There is a question how to enter diagnostic/service mode in Candy/Hoover tumble dryers?


  5. RAY says : Reply

    Hi very good video’s, i was watching your video on candy dryer regarding testing of element, which had me confused as i had to go over and over it again and again just to make sure that i was right in saying that you made a mistake about the wires when testing for continuity. would luv to hear back from you , thanks.

  6. Russell Gordon says : Reply

    My candy grando only runs for a few minutes then stops with all lights flashing. Have changed the heating element but still hasn’t helped? Any ideas??

  7. nathan says : Reply

    what is the error code on a hoover dryer

  8. nathan says : Reply

    what is the error code E21 on a hoover dryer is it the pump

  9. Muhammad Irfan says : Reply

    I hv sensor condenser 9kg DYC169A Dryer I remove drain pump and forgot its connect pls help there r 5 wires 2 brown 2 green 1 yellow green pls reply thanks for

  10. Christian says : Reply

    Hi, I have a Candy GVC-D913B-12 with a E15 error. I have checked the heater, and both thermal switches (connected in series). I haven´t checked the PCB yet. The warranty expired two months ago. Can you help me with this?.
    Best regards

  11. Phil Cox says : Reply

    Hi Guys, need your help,Candy Grand Vita condenser tumble drier showing up fault E22, can’t find any idea on line as to problem,using a NFC phone only shows a blocked filter, all cleaned but still fault, please can you help?

  12. Martin Vincent says : Reply

    Hi my candy grand comfort 9 kg the drum won’t turn when you start it and if it gets a nudge it runs but stops again when it changes direction any ideas cheers Martin

  13. George says : Reply

    How do i repair an error e15 code on a candy condenser tumble dryer??

  14. Phil says : Reply

    Candy CC2 77T shows message “OF” and refuses to start. What does message “OF” mean please?

  15. Dave Bygrave says : Reply

    Hi great videos – I have a Hoover condensor dryer (DNC D813B) with the water reservoir hung on the inside of the door. Water is not being pumped to the reservoir so I get the ‘water full’ warning light and the dryer stops. I’m confident enough following your strip down procedure but what should I check once its all apart? I’m guessing the problem could be the water level pressure switch but could also be the pump? I dont want to change both as they are quite expensive! Many thanks, Dave

  16. Keith Bailey says : Reply

    Hi My wifes Hoover vision condensing dryer starts off ok but someway through the program it stops and doesn’t start again there isn’t a error code, she then switch off and tries to restart sometime it will start again (not always) she say that the start switch makes a klunking sound but eventually it makes the correct sound and starts? can you suggest what may be the problem.

    Keith Bailey

  17. George Fowler says : Reply

    Hi my candy grand vita condenser dryer isn’t drying properly and keeps flashing e15 code ?

  18. Mike says : Reply

    I have a Candy tumble dryer GCC580NC-80. al the warning lights are flashing, when the fault occurred on the machine the clothes where not heated when the came out of the machine. Could this be the heating element not working or would this not neat up due to another fault.

  19. david says : Reply

    hi have error E22 coming up on my Hover DX C 10DE-80 tumble dryer.

    What spare part do i need to repair it?

  20. Chris Beckley says : Reply

    Hi Paul and crew,
    I used your vid to diagnose the E15 code on my Hoover VTC 791NB dryer and bought a new heating element from you and fitted it ok. The broken one had no continuity across one of the thermostats on the element and in fact the element board was split/cracked inside.

    I fitted the new element and reassembled but the machine is now showing Error code 4. No hour/minute lights appear in the screen, after pressing the start button it does a double beep , the drum starts to turn for a few seconds, then it stops, beeps for a few seconds with lights flashing, and E4 appears. I am a bit daunted by the next stage of investigation of the program switch/ control module being a DIY guy. Actually I couldn’t find an appropriate video.

    I did take photos of the circuit board connections when I took it off and all was replaced ok. My strip down did not include taking the drum out. I followed Paul’s vid just so I could get my hand in from the front to release the heater element clip – so front / door assembly off. I also tested the ntc sensor which is ok and reconnected the door switch electrics ok. Looking back, I did not need to take off the switch panel.

    Can you advise on a way forward please? I would be happy to send you the circuit board/ switch module for testing.


    Chris Beckley

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